Learning to Fly!

Maybe you will feel inspired to take the plunge on your own after our initial session. More likely than not, you will want to save time and energy by having me accompany you along the way. This will be done through a combination of face-to-face meetings, phone calls, e-mails, skype sessions, chats -- whatever means of communication rocks your boat. For a monthly fee, I am available for you when you need me (even outside office hours if that's what you want).

Here is the ongoing work we will do together:

  • learn to use the various online tools that interest you
  • decide what to publish, where, and when
  • apply networking skills to online spaces
  • learn how to connect with people online and nurture relationships
  • participate in online communities
  • develop an online presence which will encourage others to come to you
  • identify and resolve privacy conundrums
  • find the time and motivation to work on your online presence

We should work together for a minimum of three months, so that enough time goes by for you to really put into practice what you are learning and start seeing results.

If you're interested in knowing more or simply want to get started, give me a call (+41786254474) or send me an e-mail with the form below.

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