With me, you will learn how to develop and maintain an authentic online presence for yourself. Forget "personal branding". You are a human being, and your humanity is what connects you to other people. That is what an online presence is for.

1998 saw the beginning of my love story with the internet. It started in a chatroom, and it has revolved around people ever since. I left my job as a middle-school teacher in 2006 to be self-employed, and have since then been through a variety of job titles that never quite seemed to fit: blogging consultant, community manager, social media strategist, speaker, trainer, blog editor... You'll find some of what I have done on my LinkedIn profile.

The key to my career has always been a strong authentic online presence and a great network. People and opportunities come to me. If that sounds attractive to you, get in touch and I'll help you do it too!