Developing an online presence is an ongoing process. It's not something you just do once and let sit. But how do you get started? Do you need some kind of training on the long term, or do you just need to understand a few things and then go on and do it yourself?

The answer is: it depends. Some people just need a nudge to get going. Others want to make sure they're using their time as efficiently as possible to get results quickly. Some people are at home in the online world, others less. Some people have strong offline networking and relational skills they can easily transfer to online tools. Some are happy with trial and error, others want to get straight to the point.

Neither you nor I, individually, have the answers to what you need. We can hash things out a bit on the phone, but I recommend we start by sitting down together to analyse your situation, examine your options, and map out the road ahead. Maybe this will be enough, or you will want to continue working together, and we will see how we can do that. Depending on what your needs are I might also orient you towards one of my extensive network of freelancer and business contacts.

Take-Off Session

To get started, let's meet for a 90-minute kick-off session. We'll have an in-depth conversation about your needs, how humans are social, which tools you've tried, or use. 

We will look at your existing online presence if you have one, as well as your networking practice. We will discuss how a personal online presence can support building your network, and the different ways of being present online as an individual. We will also examine your current situation and identify your needs, as well as ways in which online tools and strategy can help satisfy them.

We might even end up talking about where the world is going – but by the end of this session I can guarantee the skies will have cleared and you will see the road ahead. Things will make sense. 

Here is what we will cover:

  • assessment of your existing online presence, network, and general comfort with the digital world
  • understand how humans are social, and how networking practice and online tools reflect that
  • discover how a personal and authentic online presence can help your career
  • identify and analyse your current and future needs, so we can figure out what to start with, and how

Duration: 1h30
Individuals: 200.- CHF
Companies: 300.- CHF